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Neila Akrimi

Welcome to the EuroMed - Forum

The Mediterranean remains a heterogeneous synthesis of various elements. Against this background and with the new reality of ”Globalisation” the Mediterranean emerged as a region. The Barcelona process that started in November 1995 is at the discoursive level an expression of such a policy constructed region.

Following this Introduction, this Forum focuses on the regional patterns in the Mediterranean, the reasons for its limited success and the possibilities of expanding it so as to become the real source of the region sustained development.

In this forum we do believe that the obstacles weakening the Euro-Mediterranean emerging region could be transformed in an asset. At this level the EuroMed Forum is focusing on the needed conditions to set up a system-transforming mechanisms to alleviate regional complexity and stabilizing the “Euro-Mediterranean regional development”. This optimistic approach is due to the belief that the new context of international relations makes the restructuring of Euro-Mediterranean relations to build up a homogeneous space of development is increasingly possible, yet not inevitable.

Through out this Forum we are seeking a better understanding of the interactions between the Euro-Mediterranean partners. However the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) is related to broader international developments and to the process of Globalisation, thus labeling as part of a EMP effects and transformations coming from international phenomena. The Forum focuses on the reactions stimuli stemming from outside agents.

The Forum provides you of a source of information linked to these issues. It also provides a platform for a wide range of views and debate. In addition, the Forum integrates relevant economic, political and social research linked to the Euro-Mediterranean region and other related issues. I invite you to explore this website and learn more about the Euro-Mediterranean region which is a key area in the current International Relations as it is simplifying the world with its complexities and hopes around a sea, the Mediterranean.


Conclusions of the 7th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs - Luxembourg, 30 and 31 May 2005 (PDF)