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" The Mediterranean? A sea, of course, and much more than that. It is a simple expression to designate a world : the Mediterranean world. A world with faint limits and contradictory definitions. But it is also a myth, which makes it more complex. "


Welcome to my website,

I'm Neila Akrimi, a Tunisian lawyer and a PHD researcher both in the Faculté de droit et de Science politique of  Aix-en-Provence in the south of France and the Faculté des Sciences juridiques politiques et sociales of Tunis-Tunisia.

My interest in Euro-Mediterranean issues has always been an aspiration to me. The Mediterranean has always attracted my curiosity. After finishing a bachelor degree in Law, I decided to get to know better the interactions taking place in and around the Mediterranean. I discovered how original is this part of the world with its complexities and hopes. When I was asked to chose a subject for my DEA ( diplôme d’études approfondis) I was facing an ocean of literature written around this sea, in the same time there was also a lot of of themes still to be explored. Then I decided to analyse and  study the Mediterranean region with a prior importance to lighten the necessity of believing in the positive prospective of this cooperation process. Having this devise in mind I went on discovering the region through study programs and researches, through conferences and workshops taking place in the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean crossway, the Mediterranean contrast and fragmentation, is presented to our mind as a coherent image of a system where everything is mixed up and recomposed in an original but virtual unity. However nobody could deny that there are two Mediterraneans facing each other: Ours and Theirs, the one of the North and the one of the South?

The philosophy behind my interest is reflecting who I am. Coming from an Arabic and Islamic cultural background, I’m fully aware of the southern vision of the Mediterranean. In the same time the life experience I’ve been having in Europe since some time now gave me the opportunity to get to know and understand better the Northern vision of the Euro-Mediterranean region both on the academic, governmental and popular levels.

I always believed that this region is full of mysteries that should be resolved in order to understand better its needs. Anywhere where people are gathering, a world is created between them and it is in this middle space that all human affairs are resolved. The Mediterranean is this middle space and I believe that everyone living in this middle space has to answer the same question:  What can we do together? Which meaning is there for us to act together or to be together in the action?

Through my website I’m trying to answer these questions and mainly to prove that the young generation from both shores of the Mediterranean are willing to act together and are understanding the meaning of being together in the action. My website is a personal effort through which, I’m seeking a better understanding of the potentiality of the Mediterranean region to succeed building bridges between cultures and I do wish to communicate to you this hope and ambition.

On my website you will find Information about me and the Mediterranean region. You can also interact on several issues and express your selves freely about your disappointments and hopes.

I wish you fruitful reading!

Neila Akrimi.


Conclusions of the 7th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs - Luxembourg, 30 and 31 May 2005 (PDF)