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EMF tailors its virtual workshops specifically to meet the needs of EuroMed region researchers in adopting front-line research methodologies. EMF workshops aim at discussing relevant issues, which seems to be ignored or under evaluated. At this level the EuroMed Forum is focusing on the needed conditions to set up a system-transforming mechanisms to alleviate regional complexity and stabilizing the “Euro-Mediterranean regional development”.

The EMF workshop seeks to bring together the most promising young scholars concerned with the subject. The Workshop is designed to offer the participants an opportunity to present their best research work in a professional academic setting to a large audience. It also is intended to provide a means by which their work can be published in the form of an article in an electronic journal the  EuroMed Forum Journal”.

The Workshop, the first of its kind in Euro-Mediterranean region, is oriented primarily toward research currently being carried out by advanced doctoral students.

Conclusions of the 7th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs - Luxembourg, 30 and 31 May 2005 (PDF)