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EuroMed Forum services the needs of the Euro-Mediterranean Region 
  • EuroMed Forum aims at providing a rare opportunity for Euro-Mediterranean scholars, government officials, and development agencies to engage in an ongoing dialogue to help define an economic and social reform agenda that could have unique impact on the region’s future;
  • EMF want to become a demand-driven website, meeting a vital need to provide support for, and give voice to, a growing number of development actors in the region. These include think tanks, academia, and business interest groups;
  • EMF’s integrated research programs are breaking several grounds aiming at analysing the struggle for the definition of the relationship between the EU and the Mediterranean;
  • EMF tailors its virtual workshops specifically to meet the needs of EuroMed region researchers in adopting front-line research methodologies. EMF workshops aim at discussing relevant issues, which seems to be ignored or under evaluated. At this level the EuroMed Forum is focusing on the needed conditions to set up a system-transforming mechanisms to alleviate regional complexity and stabilizing the “Euro-Mediterranean regional development”;
  • Through the Poll, we seek the opinion of the audience about crucial issues on a statistics basis;
  • The library services are creating a data and information hub for the region; research and its policy implications. We hope to reach an increasingly large audience via EMF electronic website.

  • Conclusions of the 7th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs - Luxembourg, 30 and 31 May 2005 (PDF)
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