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The three main objectives of the web site, production of quality research, informing the policy debate, and building capacity for front-line research - have as their ultimate goal the creation of a strong Euro-mediterranean research community that interacts with the policy communities of the region and the international community of researchers and development agents. The aim is to foster economic growth with equity and the effective integration of the region into the world economy.

The "EuroMed Forum" pursues the following main objectives:
  • To sensitise the audience of the increasing importance of the Mediterranean region in the new context of international relations
  • To focus on the regional patterns in the Mediterranean, the reasons for its limited success and the possibilities of expanding it so as to become the real source of the region sustained development. 
  • To provide a platform for a wide range of views and debate taking into consideration the positions and expectations of all parties involved in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership 
  • To provide a space of discussion where everyone is welcome to express his ideas about related issues
  • To provide a rich source of information and documentation about the Euro-Mediterranean relations
  • To be a support structure for the multicultural dialogue; 
  • To promote the right and active Euro-Mediterranean citizenship.

  • Conclusions of the 7th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs - Luxembourg, 30 and 31 May 2005 (PDF)
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