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- "Partenariat Euro-Meditérranéen ou Partenariat Euro-Arabe : Perceptions & Propositions" by Bichara Khader

-“The European Neighbourhood Policy: Legal and Institutional Issues” Centre on Democracy,
    Development, and the rule of law. Author: Marise Cremona . October 2004.
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- “EuroMEd integration and the ring of friends, the Mediterranean’s European Challenge vol.IV. Edited 
    by Peter G. XUEREB. The European Documentation and research centre, University of Malta, 2003.

- "The Wider Europe Matrix" Michael Emerson CEPS Paperback Books, January 2004 , 128 pages.   
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- "Evaluating Euro-Mediterranean Relations"  Stephen C. Calleya

Routledge, 01 OCT 2003, 192 pages, ISBN 071465412

After decades of a Mediterranean policy that was actually more focused on improving economic relations between Europe and the Mediterranean riparian states than anything else, the EU launched a more comprehensive Mediterranean policy in November 1995, the so-called Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) that also embraced political and security relations and socio-cultural relations.

As the tenth anniversary of this partnership approaches, this book discusses measures that could help transform this multilateral initiative from a boundary management exercise to a process that focuses more on encouraging boundary transformation. Euro-Mediterranean initiatives that are in the pipeline, such as the enhanced political dialogue, the Charter for Peace and Stability, the creation of a free trade area, and justice and home affairs co-operation, are also discussed.

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Giacomo Luciani and Felix Neugart (eds.)
The EU and the GCC. A New Partnership [2005 updated version]
Gulf Strategy Paper
CAP-Center for Applied Policy Research, Munich/ Bertelsmann Foundation/RSCAS - e-paper February 2005

Working Papers:

Myriam Ababsa
Privatisation in Syria: State Farms and the Case of the Euphrates Project
Working Paper 2005/02


Mediterranean Programme Conference
EUROGULF: An EU-GCC Dialogue for Energy Stability and Sustainability (2-3 April 2005, Kuwait)
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