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The EU’s emerging neighbourhood policy

The EU’s emerging neighbourhood policy: turnout and challenges of a strategy towards the Southern Mediterranean Non Member Countries

     The EuroMed Forum seeks a better understanding of the concept of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) recently set out by the EU as a new framework for relations over the coming decade with the Southern Mediterranean Non Member Countries. It is thus crucial to establish a working definition on the term in order to determine its content, its range, procedures and phases of implementation. The conceptualization of the ENP implies analyzing and comparing the different proposals emanating from the European Convention, the European Commission and its president, the European Parliament and the Members State of the enlarged European Union regarding the emerging EU’s NP.

     The EuroMed Forum argues that the gradual development of specific ENP reveals a growing awareness of the external consequences of the recent EU enlargement. With these provisos in mind, this web site invite you on a second step to tackle the various perceptions of the EU’s eastern and southern neighbours with regards to try to evaluate the potential impact of this policy on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP). It is an attempt to analyze the impact of the change in the geographical centre of gravity of the EU on its economic policies regarding MNMC with special focus on the potential impact on reinforcing or diluting the regional integration project set out by the Barcelona Process.

     Thus, together we will try to answer one of the most crucial questions: Is this new external action of the EU registered in a line of continuity with the existent Mediterranean Policy of the EU or is it undergoing a different path and if the answer is yes, to what extent and in which ways this ENP is drawing a line of partition?

     Does the ENP offer more than a pure security vision.  What would be the new form of association between the EU and the southern Mediterranean countries within the framework of such a policy? What could be the optimum strategies for the EU’s Southern Mediterranean Partners? And what are the challenges for this new policy?

     These questions aren’t susceptible to be easily answered. Not surprisingly, any attempt to address this issue raises a series of knotty subsidiary problems. We invite you all to discuss this issue through the Forum or by sending your comment or the work you have done so far on these issues so we can share your deep thoughts.


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Note de conferences:

  -La Politique de voisinage de l'Europe élargie et les pays du Maghreb. Thé de MEDEA,  Bruxelles, le 24 octubre 2003

M. Leonello Gabrici (Chef de l’Unité Maghreb, Commission européenne)
SEMHalim Benattallah (Ambassadeur Algérie)
SEM Tahar Sioud (Ambassadeur Tunisie)
SEM Adghoghi (Chargée d'Affaires Maroc)
Professeur Bichara Khader (UCL)

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  -Europe et la Méditerranée : venons en aux faits. Romano Prodi Président de la Commission européenne  UCL - Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve  Louvain-la-Neuve, le 26 novembre 2002

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